Our Family

Pastor Joseph Sandeep Vadegar

Pastor Joseph Sandeep Vadegar was born in a Hindu Rajput Family and was involved into Idol Worship and was addicted to alcohol from a very young age. In the year 1998, one of his Christian friends invited him to a youth meeting and there he heard the Gospel of Jesus and gave his life to the Lord. The encounter with Jesus has changed his life and Jesus has set him free from every addiction. In the year 2003, Ps. Joseph Sandeep Vadegar left his cricketing career and responded to the call of God and joined a Bible college in Hyderabad and has done in Bachelors in Theology. Inspite of a lot of pressure from his family he started servicing God and worked among the young people and training them in church planting, worship and missions for over 10 years.

In the year 2014 God spoke to Ps. Joseph Sandeep Vadegar to start a church and he obeyed the voice of God and started “The Living Way Church ” in Uppal , Hyderabad with 4 people and started preaching Jesus to be the Center of all that we do.

The church has grown to over 300 people in attendance every Sunday. It’s all because of the Grace and the favour of God. I am married to Esther Suhasini an amazing women and we are blessed with a beautiful daughter – Shaina.

Our vision is to equip and empower believer to live their lives independent of the world system and to live in the kingdom Culture.

Pastor Esther Suhasini

Pastor Esther Suhasini was born to Christian parents who are ministers of God themselves and grew up in the ways and the knowledge of God. She committed to serving God at a very young age and was trained in ministry by anointed leaders and mentors. She completed her studies in Bible College and has been Co-Pastoring the Living Way Church alongside her wonderful husband Ps. Joseph Sandeep Vadegar since the church was started in 2014.

She is a woman of virtue and has been a pillar of support to her husband Ps. Joseph Sandeep Vadegar both in the family and the ministry. She is a patient listener and a compassionate counselor bringing God’s healing to many people. She loves to carry herself with the confidence and authenticity that comes from knowing the heart of God. She is a gifted singer, worship leader and an anointed preacher.

She has a heart for the youngsters and the little children and is pastoring them at the Living Way Church to help them discover their blessed position and privileged identity in Christ. She believes in empowering people with love to be the best version of themselves in all spheres of their lives for the glory of God.